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Is a Heat Pump Worth It for Your Home? 

Heat pumps are in hot demand in Vancouver. The International Energy Agency reports that the sales of heat pumps rose by 15% in 2021 alone. And as governments continue to push modern heating systems to heat and cool your homes, the demand will continue to grow.   

But their hefty price tag is not something to take lightly because they can cost thousands of dollars upwards.    

So, are they worth the investment?   

To determine if this is the right HVAC system for you, we’ll discuss how heat pumps work together with their pros and cons.   

How Does A Heat Pump Work? 

Heat pumps work by moving air from one area with low temperatures to another area with higher temperatures.  For example, to cool your home in the summer, the air conditioning system will pull the warm air inside your home. It does this through a series of fans, ducts, and ventilation.  

Meanwhile, the reverse happens during the winter months. The heat pump will take the warm air from the outside and circulate it into your home. Depending on the type of heat pump you have installed, your outside air can come from the ground, water, air around your house, or a combination of any of these. 

4 Most Common Types of Heat Pumps 

Here are the 4 types used in Vancouver today:   

  • Air-Source Heat Pump   
  • Ground-Source or Geothermal Heat Pump   
  • Water-Source Heat Pump   
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Systems 

What are the Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump?   

There’s a reason why heat pumps in Vancouver are gaining popularity, and we’ve rounded them up for you here. 

#1 – Heats and Cools Your Home   

Unlike furnaces, boilers, and AC units, you don’t have to purchase an additional heating or cooling unit when you have a heat pump. That’s because it can both warm and cool your home. 

#2 – Consumes Less Energy than Conventional HVAC Systems   

Because heat pumps generally move air around and outside your home, it requires less energy to operate—especially compared to conventional HVAC systems. So much so that they’re reported to use 70-80% less electricity than an electrical furnace.   

#3 – Safer to Use 

Since they don’t burn or combust fossil fuels, there’s less chance of it causing a fire. This also results in healthier indoor air quality as it doesn’t release harmful gases inside your home.   

#4 – Eligible for Incentives & Rebates 

As part of the Canadian government’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, they’re offering incentives and rebates to homeowners installing and using heat pumps. Check our BC rebates page to know the full details and see if you’re eligible. 

#5 – Increases Your Property Value   

Since heat pumps are energy efficient, homes that use them are considered more valuable. In fact, a study on housing reports that this kind of heating system increases a house’s sale price by at least 5%

#6 – Low Maintenance

Heat pumps are only maintained once a year and can last about 20-25 years, depending on usage. However, air-source ones can last up to 75 years.

What are the Downsides of Having a Heat Pump?

Although they have multiple advantages, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider: 

#1 – High Upfront Cost

This type of HVAC system is expensive and costs thousands of dollars to install. The price will also depend on the size of your home, the different type, and the construction needed to install it.   

#2 – Invasive Installation Process

Depending on the kind of heat pump, your installers will access your home’s infrastructure, electricity, and even underground. This is because they need electricity and ducts to work, among other things. Plus, the installers will also need to ensure that the home is thoroughly insulated. 

#3 – Produces Less Heat

Because heat pumps circulate hot air, the heat you’ll experience during winter will be equivalent to the warmest areas outside your home. As such, your home won’t be as hot as when you use a furnace or boiler.  

So, are they worth it?   

In truth, it varies from case to case as each house is unique, and every homeowner has different needs. Want to know what HVAC system is right for your home? Always consult with an expert, so they can evaluate your home and help you make the best decision. 

Looking for an HVAC professional?  

At Mom’s Heating & Cooling, we only do premium HVAC installations and work with top-skilled technicians. Reach out today so you can feel more comfortable and safe in your home. 

Heat pumps are cost-effective and energy-efficient HVAC systems. But they’re also very expensive. So, is it the right system for your home? Read to find out.

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