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What to Consider When You Choose an HVAC Company

How do you choose an HVAC company? 

It can be overwhelming to hire an HVAC company, especially if it’s your first time working with them. Aside from costing thousands of dollars, there’s the risk of hiring the wrong people for the job, which can cost you even more.  

Then, there’s the fact that you’re letting complete strangers into your private home.  

You need to hire a professional HVAC to install your heating and cooling systems and maintain them regularly.  

That’s why we’re sharing this list of questions. So you can verify the credibility of your installers and know that you’re choosing the right one for your needs. 


#1 – What Licenses & Insurance Policies Do They Have? 


HVAC installation is complex work. It involves electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and construction know-how. Plus, the HVAC technician also needs to compute heating and cooling loads.  

As such, you’ll want to make sure that the HVAC company has the right licenses, certifications, and policies. Here’s what to look for: 


  • HVAC certificate of qualification 
  • License to operate
  • Business permits
  • Proof of insurance


#2 – What Training & Experience Do The HVAC Technicians Have? 


You’ll also want to check the certificates of the company servicing your home. For example, gas furnace installers need Gas Technician and Gas Fitter certifications and years of apprenticeship.

Meanwhile, a heat pump installer must have a Municipal Heat Pump Certification and be registered with the city government. You can also verify the HVAC contractors through the Skilled Trades BC website. 

Finally, if they’re unprofessional or make you uncomfortable, then it’s better to seek out other HVAC professionals. After all, they’ll be entering your home, and you want someone you can trust. 


#3 – What Are Their Past Experiences? 


There’s a reason that you’re hiring an HVAC professional and not installing the system yourself. You’re hiring them for their experience. As such, you want an HVAC installer that has years of experience in the industry.

More than that, you also want someone who has worked in a home and installed a system similar to yours. Most of all, you want to make sure that they have experience installing the latest heating and cooling systems. 


#4 – Does this HVAC Company Do Home Evaluations? 


Every home is different—from the ductwork and ventilation to the structure and wiring. You’ll need an HVAC installation plan catered to your home specifications and needs. To do that, the HVAC company needs to personally conduct home evaluations.  

This way, they can determine the scope of work in detail and discuss it with you. They’ll also be able to see any possible problems, offer alternative solutions, and discuss the installation cost.


#5 – What Do Their Past Customers Say?  


Customer reviews and testimonials give insight into the experience of the people who have already worked with the HVAC company. It will tell you about the expertise of the HVAC technicians as well as their personality and mannerisms.  

For example, at Mom’s Heating & Cooling—we only hire HVAC technicians who are both skilled and friendly. They’ll always listen to the homeowner’s concerns, and they thoroughly explain every step of what to expect. 


#6 – Do They Offer Warranties and After Services? 


There is always still the possibility that something can go wrong. That’s why quality HVAC companies provide servicing after installation to ensure that your entire HVAC system is operating efficiently.  


Aside from that, you also want to check the manufacturer’s warranty for when something goes wrong outside the HVAC company’s control. 


While hiring an HVAC company can be frightening, you can use these 6 questions to find the right technician for you. It will help you verify their credibility and reputation. Then you know you’re working with someone who can install your heating and cooling system with quality and care. 


Looking for an HVAC professional? 

At Mom’s Heating & Cooling, we only do premium HVAC installations and work with top-skilled technicians. Reach out today so you can feel more comfortable and safe in your home.   

Finding the right HVAC company for your needs can be overwhelming, so use these 6 questions to know if they will install your system with quality and care.

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