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How Hot Water Systems Work and Their Benefits

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm bath? 

Hot water is more than just a necessity during winter. It’s also a source of pleasure no matter the season. But to optimally enjoy a hot bath, you must first have an HVAC technician install a hot water system.  

Today, we’re diving into the basics of the hot water system—from how it works to the different types and their benefits. This way, you can choose a hot water system that fulfills your needs. 

How Does a Hot Water System Work? 

Hot water systems work in 2 different ways, depending on the type of hot water system you have in your home. Here’s a brief explanation of each type. 

#1 – Tank Water System 

A tank water system works by storing water in a metal tank with a heating element at the bottom. The heating element, which is either powered by gas or electricity, heats the cold water on the tank’s floor. Once the water reaches boiling temperatures, it rises to the top of the tank and travels through a series of pipes. 

#2 – Tankless Water System 

A tankless water system works by having a heat exchanger directly connected to your water pipes. So, when you turn on your faucet, the heat exchanger immediately warms the water that passes through it, giving you heated water.  

Because tankless water systems heat water on command, they release hot water at a slower rate than tank water systems. 

5 Benefits of Hot Water Systems 

Even Vancouver homes need to be winter-ready to survive the occasional icy temperatures. So, it’s no wonder why 93% of Canadians have a heating system. Here are the 5 main benefits you’ll experience with a professional-grade hot water system. 

#1 – Comfort and Convenience 

Because hot water systems provide heated water to your entire home, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water. As such, you can enjoy using warm water for your bath, dishes, laundry, and other household activities at any time. This is especially handy during winter when unheated tap water can reach frigid levels and make washing difficult.    

#2 – High Energy Efficiency 

The latest hot water systems are built to be energy efficient. That means that they operate effectively while demanding less energy. So, you can save on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint with the right heating system.  

Pro Tip: Energy-efficient hot water systems can also make you eligible for BC rebates. 

#3 – High Safety Standard 

When installed by an expert HVAC professional, your hot water system will have safety features that minimize accidents. For example, they’ll place a thermostat on the tank hot water system, so it doesn’t reach scalding temperatures and turn into a hazard. Another example is that they’ll add a pressure relief valve that removes pressure from the tank and decreases the risk of explosion. 

#4 – Additional Heat for Your Home 

As mentioned, hot water systems run hot water through the pipes until it reaches its destination. As such, these heated pipes can provide additional heating as it passes through the interior of your home, making it extra cozy without adding to your energy bills. 

#5 – Long Lasting 

When properly maintained and installed, hot water systems can last 6-10 years. They also require little maintenance, with HVAC experts recommending a checkup once every year. So, you’ll get your money’s worth with a high-quality hot water system.  

There you have it. A hot water system is more than just a necessity for winter. Instead, it’s a year-round source of convenience that can help make your home more comfortable while being energy efficient.  

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Hot water systems provide comfort and efficiency, making tasks like bathing more enjoyable. Read to learn more about them and choose the right one for you.

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